Smyrna, Georgia

Change in Payment Address!

Dear Homeowner:

Please find enclosed your coupons.  Check your coupon book carefully to verify that all the information is correct.  Notify your Property Manager immediately if there are any needed corrections.  Please also retain this letter for future reference.  The following guidelines are extremely important in processing your payments properly:

·               NOTICE – NEW PAYMENT ADDRESS, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELYP.O. Box 65851, Phoenix, AZ 85082-5851.  Any payments sent to the old payment address may arrive late and incur a late fee, so please begin sending your monthly payments to the new  address immediately.

·               MAKE YOUR CHECK PAYABLE TO YOUR ASSOCIATION.  Do not make checks payable to Community Management Associates.

·               IF YOU HAVE AN ON-LINE BILL PAYING SERVICE, please make your check payable to your Association Name and mail to the address indicated on the coupon.

·               PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE DUE DATE.  To avoid a late charge, you must allow five (5) business days for the payment coupon to reach the assigned P.O. Box.

·               DO NOT SEND CASH by mail.

·               DO NOT INCLUDE CORRESPONDENCE with your payment coupon.  Any correspondence should be mailed to the address on this letterhead.

·                If you are making MORE THAN ONE PAYMENT FOR ONE UNIT, please enclose a coupon for each payment you are making.

·                If you are making PAYMENT FOR MULTIPLE UNITS OR PROPERTIES, please use separate envelopes for each payment.  Otherwise, this may delay your payment and/or result in the misapplication of the correct amounts.

·                If you own different properties, please SUBMIT ONE CHECK FOR EACH PROPERTY.  You CANNOT send one check for different properties.  Your envelope should always contain a coupon and a check.

·                Please notify us immediately of any CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR OWNERSHIP.

·               AT CLOSING, provide the coupon book to the new homeowner.

·                Your canceled check or money order stub is your RECEIPT.

DIRECT DRAFT CUSTOMERS:  Homeowners who have elected to pay their Association assessments by Direct Draft are receiving this coupon book for informational purposes only.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO TAKE ANY ACTION.  You should keep the coupon book in the event you decide to terminate Direct Draft payments or to give to the new owner if you sell your unit.

ON-LINE PAYMENTS:  Are accepted at  Click on “PAY DUES” and you will be instructed on how to proceed.

Should you be interested in having the Association Dues taken from your checking account on a monthly basis (auto-draft), please contact your Property Manager.  This is a free service offered to you for your convenience, and it avoids late fees.

As you are valued customers, thank you for your attention to this letter.  If we can be of assistance in regard to this or any other issue, please do not hesitate to call our office at the telephone number below.

1465 Northside Drive, Suite 128, Atlanta, GA  30318 | Telephone: 404.352.5470/800.522.6314 | Fax: 404.355.9561




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