Smyrna, Georgia

ACC – Information

The Highlands View Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is dedicated to maintaining design standards throughout the community in order to foster maximum growth of property value. All exterior modifications made to a townhome must be approved by the ACC prior to doing any work. Failure to do so could result in costly penalties to a homeowner. Additionally, the removal of any unapproved modification will be done at the homeowner’s expense.

How to Make a Modification

If a homeowner wishes to make any exterior modifications to their townhome, they must first submit a detailed application to the ACC describing the desired change. This application form can be found on the downloads page of this website. The ACC will then have 14 days to approve, decline, or request more information regarding the application. The 14 day period of consideration starts when the request has been received by the HOA Chairperson. If an application is approved, the homeowner can proceed with making the change. It will then be reviewed by the ACC to determine that the approved design was implemented as intended. If the ACC deems that the work done does not match what was approved with the application, the homeowner will be required to make further changes to come into compliance. A Certificate of Compliance will be issued to the homeowner once a change has been completed and fully approved.

If an application is rejected, the homeowner will not be allowed to make the revision. Should the homeowner wish to re-apply after making changes to the application, he/she is free to do so. A new application will need to be submitted to the ACC. Should the homeowner make the change despite having his/her application rejected, the homeowner would be subject to penalties including, but not limited to, fines, liens, potential lawsuits, and bearing the cost of any work necessary to reverse the modification.

If the ACC requests more information regarding an application, the homeowner will need to provide such information as soon as possible. The ACC will have an additional 14 days after the receipt of this additional information to either approve, reject, or request further information regarding the application.

Design Standards

The ACC will conduct regular walk-throughs to ensure that all homes meet the established design standards for the community. These design standards will be published in the FAQ portion of this website shortly. If a home is found to be in violation of these design standards, the homeowner will be notified by mail of each violation, steps required to remedy each violation, and the date that each violation must be remedied by to avoid penalty. Penalties include, but are not limited to, fines, liens, potential lawsuits, and bearing the cost of any work necessary to remedy the violation.