Smyrna, Georgia

Emergency Water Repairs


Water service to the Highlands View community will be shut off tonight,
Friday, Aug. 7 , between approximately 8 p.m. and midnight so that a water
pressure regulator can be repaired.  The Smyrna Fire Department has been
notified of this outage.

The part needed to make the repair was found in Florida and was to be flown
in this afternoon.  This repair should correct the problem that has been
causing the pressure-release valves on some home sprinkler systems to

The board apologizes for the inconvenience. The cause of this problem was
not immediately apparent to our contractor, and, once identified, the
repair was further delayed by difficulty finding the needed part.

Pressure-release valves should reset themselves once the community’s water
line pressure returns to normal.  If your home’s valve continues to leak,
please call the company that installed your system for assistance.  The
contact telephone number should be listed on the system controls in your
home’s utility room.

Further information will be posted on bulletin boards and distributed by
email as it becomes available.

The Board, Highlands View Homeowners Association

Friday, Aug. 7, 2009 5 p.m.

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